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Need a Helping Hand?

Having trouble arranging pick-up, delivery,
and storage of your goods?

Tired of calling multiple companies to arrange pick-up, delivery, and storage of your goods?

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Tokyo Storage Space

THH, an all-in-one provider, is the solution.
Contact us today for a quote.

Get double the space with our storage service.
We offer storage rates in central Tokyo
that are on average 50% lower than our competitors.

We wrap and protect stored items.
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Tokyo Helping Hands vs. Other Storage Service

Other Storage Service

Tokyo Helping Hands
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Initial 1-month storage fee; thereafter, the fee is calculated on a per day basis

All-in-one service includes pick up, storage, and delivery

We offer storage rates in central Tokyo that are on average 50% lower than our competitors.

minimum 1-month storage fee required; thereafter,

full monthly fee charged (Regular storage service:

full monthly fee charged (fee is not calculated on a pro-rata/per day basis)

Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove or add items once your stuff has been put into storage.

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Storage Service Q & A
Is it necessary for you to visit my apartment in order to give a quotation?
No, a visit isn't required.
Do you give quotations over the phone?
Sorry. In order to avoid misunderstanding, we do not provide quotations over the phone. We can only confirm availability over the phone.
Do you provide boxes to pack my belongings?
Our service doesn't include boxes. To purchase cardboard box and bubble wrap, please refer to the moving box service page.
Click here for a cardboard set for storage
Does your service include packing?
No, we don't provide packing service.
I don't need moving or delivery service. Can I use the storage service alone?
Our service is all inclusive (pick up, storage, and delivery).
Does the fee include pick up and delivery?
Yes, it does.  The quotation will include a cost breakdown.
Can I access my stored items anytime?
Unfortunately, with our service you will not be able to access your items until the end of the contract period.

How secure will my stored items be?
Our warehouse is equipped with a 24-hour CCTV surveillance system.
Are there any problems with humidity or mould/mildew in the warehouse?
Our warehouse is air conditioned and occurrences of mould/mildew are minimal; however, we cannot control for extenuating factors, e.g., weather conditions.
Is it possible to store my items for a few days only?
The minimum is 30 days; thereafter, the fee is calculated on a per-day basis.

Can I pay by credit card?

Payment by credit card is accepted.  However, there is an additional 3.6% charge for the credit card settlement fee.
What if I need to extend the storage time?
This is not a problem.  Just notify us and continue to pay the monthly fee.
Do you provide long-term storage?
Yes.  Items can be stored for as long as needed, as long as the monthly fee is paid.
Are there any items which can't be stored in your warehouse?
The following items are prohibited from being stored: valuables, storage safes, toxic and/or hazardous substances, animals (alive or dead), and corpses/cadavers.
 Is it possible to use both storage and disposal service on the same day?
This is possible.  We just ask that you request this at least 3 days in advance.

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For a quick reply to an inquiry or to request a quotation, please contact us by email and provide the following details:

1. Moving out addresses
2. Floor number and elevator availability
3. Details of your items (urniture, electronic items, etc.)

If possible, please send us a photo of all storage items.
This will help us to provide you with a more accurate price.

We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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A 24-hour CCTV surveillance system is in operation in the warehouse where we store customers belongings.