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Please tell us
1.   Address with floor
2.   Elevator availability
3.   Items in details or send us images

Case example: Ms S
Nakano to Waseda
1F for both recidences
1 truck + driver
2 suitcase big
3 suitcase medium
1 Futon Set
8 small/medium boxes
(clothes, books, utensils, etc)
printer & laptop
Price: 7,800 yen

Truck capacity
Things will fit in one trip:
Refrigerator (M)
Washing machine(M)
Dining table and 2chairs
2 Suitcases(M)
2 Suitcases(S)
2 Chests(120/35/35)
Mirror(full length)
Vacumn cleaner
10 middle boxes


Tokyo Moving Company

Moving Service in Tokyo

We provide services for the following areas:

* Tokyo
* Kanagawa-ken
* Chiba-ken
* Saitama-ken
(Note: Limited areas only)

moving in tokyo

We will move you as cheaply and quickly as possible!!

We are available to help you move 24hours/7days.
This is to cater for those people who are busy during the day time and have no chance to move until later in the evening.

We are happy to help you! We are also very flexible!

If you are moving in a small scale, such as

moving couple items of furniture,
(ie a fridge, a bed and/or a sofa)
Picking up newly purchased furniture on the way of moving
we are happy to help you!!.

We provide quotations for all of our services. Please feel free to inquire about the service that best suits your needs.

Price System
(Basic Price is for within central Tokyo area)

The quotation is mainly based on your moving out and in locations,
floor and elevators' availability for both residences ,
and the volume and size of the goods.

Moving service 1

Moving service 2

1 truck + driver
1 truck + driver + assistant
start from 7,800 yen~
start from 15,800 yen~
This plan is for people who have a small amount to move. For example, singles or couples living in a one or two room flat, mainly boxes or smaller items , with no large items of furniture. (eg. Large fridge, washing machine , piano etc..)
This plan is for anyone who has a large amount of items to move, such as including large size and heavy fridges, washing mashines, closets, desks, queen to king size beds and sofas, etc...
Sample case for moving service 1: 7,800 yen
- Locations are within close proximity (e.g. Nakano to Waseda)
- Ground floor to ground floor - No big items

Additional charges

Late night charge If you need to move after 19:30 pm, we will charge you 1,500 yen more in addition to the basic fee.
Weekend & Holidays If you need to move on the weekend & holidays,
we will charge you 2,000 yen more in addition to the basic fee.
Outside the central Tokyo area If you need to move outside of centarl Tokyo area, extra fees will be charged to account for fuel and time costs. These will be discussed at the time of the quotation.

Please give us details for all of your moving needs!!!

moving company

For a quick estimation,
Please click the "Free Quote" button.

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or E-mail us

To inquire by email, please let us know these details.

1. Moving out and in addresses,
2. Floor number and elevator availability
3. Details of your items

If possible, please include a photo of the items to be moved. This will help us to provide you with a more accurate price. 

We will reply to you as soon as possible.



For information or to check our availability, you may call
Tel: 090-6289-5824
Please note, however, that telephone quotations are not possible. Please be sure to leave a message (Preferred date,name and moving out location) if you get our answering machine.

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Tokyo moving company
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Tokyo mover

tokyo moving company

Our truck can load up to
80 middle size boxes.
tokyo small moving company
(H) 32cm / (H) 13inch
(D) 32cm / (D) 13inch
(W) 46cm / (W) 18inch

tokyo helping hands
The capacity of the truck: 2.10m in length, 1.80m in height and 1.45m in width

Household deliveries
Damage insurance
For service 1,
Moving company in Tokyo
we can offer a FREE
ride for one customer.

home relocations
The quotation will
include fuel cost.

office relocating
Including toll fee

house moving
Most washing machines installed free.

If more than one trip is required, up to 25-50% discount is offered for the following trip(s).

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Tokyo mover
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Moving company in Tokyo

moving company
tokyo moving company